The nature inspires me; its complete work of creation of lines and forms is infinite and divine. The spirit and knowledge of mankind provide me with the opportunity to create a synergy of who I am and the world surrounding me.

My works are made in stoneware clay, some is Raku burned.

Nature inspires me; its lines and forms – as in the construction of the conch; its quintessential spiral and its varied and spectacular lines and shapes never stops fascinating me!

I also find inspiration in how different cultures at different times find a way to express their ”Zeit Geist”; naivistic and mythic expressions, or classic divine beauty!

Clay as material is in itself an inspiration: construct, cut away, add… the idea is born through the possibilities the material offers me – the idea of art is born through the clay and the power of my mind.

The clay, the beauty of the line and form, is what make me do what I do. The joy of making art and my hope to make a difference for my contemplator is what I want to achieve with my work.


My last works is smaller skultptures 25 to 30cm tall, «Connected» a comment to our time.

The animals, Raku burned, is a result of trawelling four weeks in South Africa.

The Conch – the snail’s quintessential house – is an eternal source of inspiration.

Size: ca 40x30x20 cm to 60x50x40 cm.

The «Memories» sculptures are created in a period of great sorrow and pain. They express for me the loss of nearness and touches from the people I love but who no longer exist. These sculptures are made in both stoneware and Raku and are about 55 cm tall.